Couch to 50K


Our exclusive and highly rated Couch to 50 program

You've thought about it, haven't you, watching on with envy as professional-looking cyclists pass you on the roads.

Whether you are new to the sport or just looking to get back in the saddle, sign up for this excellent couch to 50Km training programme. It is an ideal opportunity for you and your friends to shake off the winter blues and get out into the fresh air and open spaces. For an inexperienced cyclist, starting can be a scary prospect. This easy-to-follow plan will get you clocking up the Km's in no time at all.

The programme will combine classroom theory sessions with practical on-the-road spins. The theory sessions will include bike safety, cadence, gearing, nutrition, etc. The spins will incrementally grow from around 10K up to 50K. The spins are designed to accommodate your pace and include social coffee stops. Places are allocated on a first-come basis. Successful participants will be awarded the coveted "SylsCC Couch to 50 medals"

The Couch to 50km programme usually happens once per year during spring. If you're reading this during the off-season, we encourage you to reach out via and we'll be happy to help you find a suitable option.

“I completed the inaugural Syls CC couch-2-50 in Spring 2021. I've always enjoyed cycling, but never had the confidence or fitness to go further than 20 km. The guided group spins are a great motivator, the tutorials teach you all you need to know about equipment and safety for getting started, and the Spin Leaders and fellow participants provide encouragement and support. After the programme, I joined the club and have subsequently taken part in multiple sportives and charity events - the spins are fun, and I've made lots of new friends along the way.” - Gràinne McDonagh

“I participated in the couch 2 50 in March, I had cycled just locally and wanted to challenge myself a bit more and find a hobby and make new friends. The Monday night classes were educational and practical for safety out on the road, I would never have believed before I did the couch to 50 I would be able to do 110km. I was elated with myself. I Highly recommend anyone to join” - Anne Mullally

“I joined the Couch to 50k with a friend, hoping to learn more about the mechanics of cycling & to improve my cycling ability. I hadn't counted on making a whole group of new friends along the way! I had been a solo cyclist for a number of years previously and had entered & enjoyed some of the An Post Sportives around the country. So technically, I wasn't starting from the couch. The Couch to 50k community were and still are a fantastic support & encouragement to me. I would definitely recommend signing up to it & then see where it takes you!” - Louise Fuller